Conservatorships & Guardianships


Conservatorships & Guardianships in Torrance, CA

General Conservatorships:
One of the most difficult events to handle is when a parent or grandparent becomes disabled or suffers from dementia as they enter their elder years. If a proper estate plan has not been established, you may have to get Court authorization to handle the affairs of your loved one.

Walt has significant experience in establishing Conservatorships with care and respect for incapacitated individuals. He has served on the Superior Court panel for Court Appointed Attorneys for more than fifteen years, where he has been appointed to represent proposed conservatees in dealing with the prospect of being subject to a conservatorship.

Limited Conservatorships:
Walt also has experience in setting up Limited Conservatorships for developmentally disabled individuals who are turning 18 and are unable to handle their own affairs without assistance. These circumstances may include such things as learning impairment, autism, epilepsy, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. In most cases, such individuals have qualified for services from the California Regional Centers. A Limited Conservatorship will allow the parents to have access to such individuals’ private records and may include a range of powers, covering such things as medical decisions, contracts, and the consent to marriage.

Guardianships are required when a parent dies or becomes unable to handle the role of parenting for any reason. A Guardian of the Estate is required when a minor inherits or otherwise comes into a significant amount of money. Walt has experience in establishing Guardianships of both the Person and the Estate.